Monday, November 06, 2006


Here is a bit of a dabble with cross between a photo & drawing Jo

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Johanna Trainor and Carol Archer said...

email extract 5/11/06 from jo to carol

"Believe it or not I posted an image on our blog - let me know what you think & I will then do similar things with the other images you sent. There are photos under your image - clouds & a wall with rust. I devied these 2 into a grid pattern then rubbed out some of your work with a pastel/crayon brush to reveal the 2 different layers beneath." ()

email extract -Carol's reply to Jo 11/11/06
"I think what youve done with that image --- our first collaborative work! -is stunning! It's so subtle and complex. I'm very excited. I guess you did all this with the 300dpi scans and also saved a 72dpi one for the web? Yeah do more! Let me know if i should send you more images - and should we try to go in reverse as well? - you could send me some images of yours to work with too - I'm not that great at photoshop but its about time I made a bit more progress - maybe I could follow your lead and try combining new layers (either drawn, painted or photographed) with a picture of yours... "