Friday, September 29, 2006

About Echo

Wonderful! I really like the subject matter, Jo, intimate and beautiful and a bit old world, and the amazing things you've done with light. The compositions are interesting - the oblique angles are refreshing and unexpected. Somehow they make things not quite comfortable and it gives the works an edgy quality - it makes me aware that they are compositions and constructions and then that raises questions about why these objects, that angle, that light etc. The play with focus is interesting too. I find it a bit unnerving - I've read things about how babies see their mothers' faces out of focus - maybe it reminds the viewer of a kind of merged identity with others and things....unsettling secure identity etc...

Blog tips - I'm not having any trouble now, but I don't know if i have any useful tips. I just hit on the blogger icon in the top left corner and go in and press "create post" and write and load away (press the pic icon to load pics). Pics have to be small files - around 5 or 600 kb -but I'm sure you already know all this. I wrote a "how to" page so i'll see if i can add it so you can access it by pressing the small piece of writing that says "1 comments" for your further info.

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Johanna Trainor and Carol Archer said...

How to add a picture (or written entry) to the blog –very detailed and hopefully effective instructions. I’ll write these instructions as I go through the process

1. go to our website
2. Click on “Blogger” (top left corner of screen)
3. Sign in at the top of the screen with user name and password. Click on the name of our blog
4. Click on “Create new post”
5. If you want a title, put it in the “Title” field.
6. To add a picture, click the little picture icon between the spellcheck icon (ABC) and the eraser
7. The screen that comes up is headed “Add an image from your computer”.
8. With “choose a layout” I’ve just been clicking “None” each time and then centring the image afterwards but probably its more efficient to just press “centre” (or whatever you want).
10. To upload an image, click on the “Browse” button
11. Find the image you want to upload in the file where you’ve stored it, and click on it. The filename will then appear in the box next to “browse”
12. Press “Upload image” at the bottom of the screen and wait until it appears in the big box. You can then add whatever titles, writing, other pics etc below it if you want to.
13. If the image will not upload, it may be because it is too many bites – this happened to me. If the image is under or around 500 KB it should be fine (actually, less than 1MB might be a better rule of thumb). I always use JPEG’s so I know they work but don’t know about other filetypes –TIFFs, BMP etc - but these are usually bigger files and so may not load for that reason. The other thing I’ve been doing is saving the images at 4” high (instead of the A4 size they are after being scanned – using the Image Size thing in photoshop to edit them) - this might be helping them to load easily or it may be completely unnecessary –I don’t know.
14. When you’re happy with what you’ve done, press “publish post”. You’ll get a screen with a big explanation mark telling you its happening, and then a screen that says “your blog is published”.
15. From there you can press “republish entire blog”.
16. Maybe its not necessary to do this every time – sometimes I do it after adding 5 or 6 things. It seems somehow to solidify what you’ve done, as far as I can understand.
17. Then you get the “Your Blog is Published” screen again and can click on “View Blog” (the little blue writing) to see how the whole thing looks with what you’ve added. What you’ve done may not be there at first, but will come up after a few minutes
18. If you want to change anything click on the “Blogger” icon again in the top left of the blog.
19. You’ll see a list of all the posts that have been added to the blog
20. Click “edit” next to the entry you want to change, change anything (eg the text you’ve written, the picture, add stuff) and then press the orange “publish” button as before (and then republish and then view as before).
21. If you want to delete the whole entry, just press delete – its written in blue at the far right of the line. When you’ve made your changes, press publish, and then republish entire blog again, and view the blog
22. There’s another way quicker way to get to the screen to edit a “post”. Click on the little yellow pencil beneath the “post” you want to change, and it’ll take you straight to the screen to allow you to make the changes
23. We can add comments about the posts by clicking on the small grey writing underneath each “post” and adding our comment.